Professional. Specialised. Connected.

With complex projects and situations, I make contact with experts from other specialist fields, if required, and work hand in hand with them. A professional network provides additional expertise to supplement my own advice and ensures that all aspects and possibilities are taken into account. In this way, you, as a client, benefit not only from interdisciplinary knowledge but also from many valuable contacts gained.


TTL Tourism Tax & Law

As accountants and tax consultants, TTL specialises in finding practical solutions to questions regarding tax law and in dealing with tax matters in the B2C and B2B travel business for travel agents, tour operators, package tour operators, incentive and event agencies, consolidators, airlines, cruise lines, coach companies, hotels and other tourist operations.



Nemis is a company which focuses on private companies and state institutions in the tourist trade, especially in the tourist accommodation sector. With its holistic, analytical and collaborative philosophy, it develops innovative strategies, optimises processes and creates the foundation for lasting success. As expert in tourism-related property planning and development, Nemis is mainly responsible for planning and realising various projects with well-known clients and partners in the hotel industry.