Real Estate Law

You are a real estate owner, landlord, tenant or real estate services provider and you are looking for real estate-related advice matters covering the acquisition, use or sale of real estate.

The main emphasis of my consultancy service lies in tenancy/lease law and in land law. No matter whether you are acquiring a property, making permanent commercial use of a property as a landlord or tenant, or wish to sell your property at a profit, there must be a focus on negotiating and drawing up the relevant contracts.

Tenancy/Lease law

  • drawing up, reviewing and negotiating lease agreements
  • management of contract supplements
  • due diligence investigations
  • advising on all legal questions under tenancy/lease law, especially
    • applying/refuting rights regarding defects (reduction in rent, substitute performance, compensation)
    • clauses concerning maintenance, repairs and refurbishment
    • reviewing of service charge invoices
    • change of tenant/landlord
    • drawing up notices of lease termination, termination agreements
    • handling the terminated rental/leasing relationship
  • representation in legal disputes

Land law

  • drawing up, reviewing, negotiating property purchase agreements or other property agreements
  • executing property purchase agreements through to entry in the Land Register
  • due diligence investigations
  • drawing up and negotiation of land rights (easements, limited personal easements, etc.)
  • representation in legal disputes