Labor Law

I provide advice to companies and to employees, managing directors and members of the executive board, self-employed workers and works councils. Only if regularly representing both sides one can be fully aware of the interests, strengths and weaknesses of the other party and achieve optimum results in each case.

My support covers the provision of advice and representation both in and out of court in all matters relating to individual and collective labor law, especially

  • drawing up, reviewing and revising employment and service contracts
  • providing support in all questions arising during employment and service
  • termination of employment and service relationships
    • notices of termination
    • termination and settlement agreements
    • representation in actions against unfair dismissal
    • disputes regarding references
  • commercial constitutional law (Works Council Constitution Act etc.), company codetermination, collective bargaining law
    • rights of codetermination
    • works council agreements
    • reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans
  • restructuring measures, staff redundancies, business transfers