Individual. Targeted. Consistent.

The foundation of any successful working relationship and legal advice is personal contact based on trust. Seeing the person behind the client – applying this principle means that I offer individually tailored support

Whether you are seeking an effective legal representative for yourself individually or on behalf of a company – every matter is considered both as a whole and with all its specific aspects. To provide what is often a helpful change of perspective I make use of my many years of experience in commercial businesses and as an independent lawyer. For me, providing comprehensive consultancy service also means calling in experts from other specialist areas where this is necessary because of the complexity of a case or if the client asks for it.

Not least, my advice aims to avoid time-consuming, expensive legal disputes and – in agreement with the client – to strive to find mediatory solutions. If this is impossible because of the nature of the conflict, I shall take all measures to settle the dispute, pursuing it through all levels of jurisdiction if necessary.